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Glen Deveron Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Banff, Banffshire AB4 3JT Scotland
Tel: +44 (0)1261 812612 / Fax: +44 (0)1261 818083
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Beside the ancient seaport and Royal Burgh of Banff, in the North East of Scotland, lies Macduff Distillery on the Banks of the famous River Deveron. Whisky has been produced in this area for centuries and church records from the 1700s describe the local whisky as excellent. The Macduff Distillery produces the Glen Deveron Single Malt, which is the most easterly of the soft and rounded Highland Malts. -Dewar's

The modern Macduff Distillery was built in 1963 by Glen Deveron Distillers Ltd. due to such an increase in demand. While the single malt takes on the name of Glen Deveron, there are independent bottlings under the name Macduff.

Macduff Distillery was acquried by the William Lawson Company in 1972. As such, a majority of the production went to Lawson's blends. Lawson joined the General Beverage Corporation of Luxembourg (Martini & Rossi) in 1980 and in 1992, Bacardi acquired Martini & Rossi. Glen Deveron's producer is John Dewar & Sons Ltd - a subsidiary of Bacardi Ltd.


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Complex, fruity and nutty, this Highland Malt comes from our Macduff Distillery, standing close by the banks of the River Deveron.

Colour: Nine carat gold.

Nose: Overtones of nut oil with a complex fruity background giving way to a classic Speyside estery nose and notes of fresh plum.

Palate: A creamy mouth feel, with a voluptuous fruity sweetness akin to rich fruit pudding.

Body: Medium bodied.

Finish: A medium to long, dry finish with a subtle hint of wood.

Tasting Notes by Dewar's

The Macduff Distillery

The Macduff Distillery which was built in 1963, expanded from two to three stills in 1966, and added a fourth in 1968. Production was doubled during the years 1966 - 1968. In 1990, a fifth still was added making a total of two wash stills and three smaller spirit stills. The distillery tried different distillation techniques and was one of the first in Scotland to experiment metal mashtuns. It was also the first to use steam to heat the stills. Ex-bourbon casks are used. The Gelly Burn is the water source for Macduff.

Visitors are welcomed by appointment only. Call +44 (0)1261-812612 to arrange a tour.

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Posted 3500 days ago
Tony i work for the comapny that owns the distillery and all there products are great this is a dewars product so u should try some diffrents ones and i think you would be pleaseantly suprised!
Tony Brooks
Posted 3803 days ago
i was fortunate enough to run across several bottles of this fine whiskey bottled as 5 year old single malt on the economy shelf of a local liquor store. its marketing position stated on a bottleneck hangar was " a young single malt " ... it turned out to be one of the best bottling finds of my life -- it is an excellent scotch ... much more pleasing to my taste than many of the costliest brands. i have not been able to find any more as it is apparently not distibuted in my home state. (the few bottles i found were on the shelf as a result of a merger of stock from a number of locations following a sale of several stores.
if you can get it -- try it ... and see for youself what a truly superb scotch it is. Tony Brooks, South Carolina, USA