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Glen Garioch Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Inverurie, Aberdeenshire
AB51 0ES Scotland
Tel: +44 (0)1651 873450 Fax: +44 (0)1651 873451
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Glen Garioch Distillery is situated in the Aberdeenshire village of Old Meldrum in the Scottish Highlands. This region is famed for its stunning scenery, colourful tartans and is home to many distilleries, Glen Garioch being one of the oldest and most endearing.

Established in 1797, this small distillery takes its name from the Valley of the Garioch, traditionally the finest barley growing area of Scotland. There is a saying that from small beginnings come great things and this could not be more true for Glen Garioch.

The location chosen by founder John Manson (1762-1838) and his younger brother Alexander (1770-1847) for their new malt whisky distillery was an obvious one. Old Meldrum lay at one end of the Valley of the Garioch, pronounced Geery in the ancient Doric dialect of Aberdeenshire. John and his younger brother Alexander realised that there was a clear advantage in setting up production in a small glen alongside a peaceful track that led to the rutted Aberdeen-Banff road.

This is a whisky that evokes the spirit of the Highlands. Should you happen to come across a bottle of Glen Garioch Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, take a moment to savour its charm - its sweet, malty, floral characterictics will be remembered forever as will its smooth, long, warm finish.

Courtesy of Glen Garioch Distillery


Glen Garioch 8 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Nose: Light, despite a charming smokiness. Incredibly clean. A soft citric background reveals young age.

Palate: Intensely malty, fresh with increasing sweetness as the kippery peatiness gathers.

Finish: Echoing smoke and a delicious build up of cocoa notes. Long. Toasty. Highly satisfying with almost perfect bittersweet balance.

Comment: Easily one of the best 8 year olds on the market: very, very impressive and enjoyable.

Tasting Notes by Jim Murray


Glen Garioch 15 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky  

Colour: Honey

Body: Medium

Palate: Hints of lavender and oak with a syrup sweetness.

Finish: Long mellow and very sumptuous.

"Assertive, aromtaic, intense - a beauty"

Tasting Notes by Glen Garioch

Glen GariochWhisky Distillery

Founded In 1797, in the small Aberdeenshire village of Old Meldrum. The granite built distillery lies in the heart of the traditional highland barley growing area and is an excellent example of harmony between traditional production methods and innovative conservation ideas.

For 200 years, the villagers of Old Meldrum have passed down the art of whisky making from generation to generation and Morrison Bowmore Distillers Limited have added pioneering methods of heat and energy conservation to these traditions. The use of waste heat and carbon dioxide from the distillation and fermentation process has in the past been utilised to heat approximately two acres of greenhouse, producing fresh vegetables for the local villages.

Glen Garioch Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky reflects the character of the quiet little village in which it is produced, typically Highland, full of charm with a long warm finish.

Glen Garioch Distillery Visitor Centre

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire AB51 0ES
Tel: 01651 873450 Fax: 01651 873451

Daily Tours:
10.00 am, 11.00 am, 1.00 pm, 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm Monday to Friday. Your visit includes a tour and dram. VIP tours and group visits can be arranged by prior appointment. Please contact the distillery for weekend, Christmas and New Year opening times.

£4.00 for adult, £2.00 for O.A.P.’s and concession. No charge for under 18’s.

Distillery gift shop, free car parking and toilets.
Wheelchair access to the Visitors Centre, car parking & toilets.
Meeting facilities are also available.

How to Find The Glen Garioch Distillery

By Road
Glen Garioch Distillery can be found in the small Aberdeenshire village of Old Meldrum, just outside Aberdeen. Leave Aberdeen via the A96, following signs for the Airport. At the roundabout junction with the A947, join the A947 towards Old Meldrum. Remain on the A947 for 14 miles until the junction with Distillery Road. Turn left onto Distillery Road. We are located on the left hand side of the road.

By Air
Aberdeen Airport is 12 miles from Old Meldrum. Aberdeen and Inverness train services stop at Dyce station, next to the Airport.

By Train
The nearest station to Old Meldrum is Inverurie which is 5 miles away.

By Bus
Service 305 from Aberdeen Bus Depot to Inverness stops at Old Meldrum.

Fom Aberdeen
Leave Aberdeen via the A96, following signs for the Airport. At the roundabout junction with the A947, join the A947 towards Oldmeldrum. Remain on the A947 for 14 miles until the junction with Distillery Road. We are located on the left hand side of the road.

By Road
Aberdeen Airport is 12 miles from Oldmeldrum. Aberdeen and Inverness services stop at Dyce station, next to the Airport.

By Train
The nearest station to Oldmeldrum is Inverurie, which is 5 miles away.

GLEN GARIOCH HISTORY 1794 John Manson (1762-1838) founder with his younger brother Alexander (1770-1847). They built Glen Garioch distillery and a brewery on the site of an old tannery which had a water supply from the Percock Hills.

1794 - Statistical Account of Meldrum written by Rev Thomas Tait states there are a distillery and brewery, lately established in it and both are in a thriving way.

1795 December: Aberdeen Journal brief reference.

1798 Thomas Simpson purchased both the distillery and the brewery.

1827 Ingram, Lamb & Co became new owners and expanded the buildings.

1837 Era of 2 names, as Glen Garioch was bought by the Strathmeldrum Distillery Company headed by John Manson Junr, son of founder, who funded his purchase.
The distillery was still called Glen Garioch.

1838 Memorandum of John Manson’s stock June 1838, shortly before his death, records £1,400 lent John Manson Junr Glen Garioch Distillery.

1856 Inverury and Old Meldrum Junction Railway opened bringing mechanised transport. Whisky casks no longer sent to Aberdeen by ox cart.

1884 JG Thomson & Co of Leith (principal Joseph Thomson) becomes new owner.

1886 William Sanderson of Leith, of VAT 69 fame, purchased a 50% interest in JG Thomson & Co. Twelve men employed under manager Jimmy Shand, who starts pig farm in distillery grounds. Local peat dug.

1914 - 1918 Low volume production continued with Glen Garioch office clerk Charlie Taylor acting as town clerk. Jimmy Shand retires in 1918 aged 73.

1921 After 35 years of Sanderson half-ownership, William Mark Sanderson, son of William Sanderson, with other investors, founded the Glengarioch Distillery Co Ltd to take 100% ownership.

1933 Booth’s Distilleries Ltd became new owner.

1937 Scottish Malt Distillers (SMD), part of DCL, purchased Glen Garioch.

1939 - 1945 World War II: Distillery closed and some buildings used as army dormitories. SMD restored production in peacetime.

1968 SMD closed the distillery because of limited water source and offered it for sale.

1970 Stanley P Morrison Ltd paid £150,000 for the distillery. Low level production resumed.

1972 Glen Garioch becomes the first distillery in Scotland to gas fire its stills.
November: Glen Garioch was first marketed in bottles. Previously only blended into brands like Bell’s, Grant’s Standfast and Drambuie.
New water source is found at Coutens Farm.

1977 Planning permission obtained for Greenhouse project to make use of waste heat.

1978 Greenhouse project supervised by BBC Scotland’s Jim McColl attracts initial publicity. North Sea oil boom brings streams of visitors and expansion from 2 to 3 stills. Small visitor centre opened.

1982 Glen Garioch Distillery display is part of the British Pavilion at the World Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. 1988 Glen Garioch displayed a mini-distillery and greenhouse at Glasgow Garden Festival and is honoured with visits from Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Prime Minister, Mrs Margaret Thatcher.

1993 Greenhouse project abandoned.

1994 July: Suntory Ltd became owner.

1995 October: Closed.

1997 Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd, wholly owned subsidiary of Suntory Ltd, became owner. Distillery re-opened.

Courtesy of Glen Garioch Distillery

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Posted 1968 days ago
I had a Glen Garioch recently (limited 1986) that tasted quite like violet candies. I tasted a few others as well, and I've never had such flavours outside of grappa. Very perfume-y and floral.
JoAnn McManners
Posted 3220 days ago
I was turned on to Glen Garioch by a old friend in Fredericksburg, Texas.
I must say it was a great experience. I absolutly love it. It is better than any other brand of Scotch I have ever tried.
I can't even imagine what a 37 year old bottle would taste like but I'd like to find out.
Joanne Bergstrom, Editor
Posted 3433 days ago
I just had a 37 year Glen Garioch which was outstanding. We know it had been stored on a shelf for well over 20 years since purchased and it was still exceptional - a favorite of the evening as determined by many!