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LiquorLover 11-17-2013 05:36 AM

Vintage Collection Whiskies
At an estate ****, I bought the bar. Lots of misc. stuff, but several sealed & opened bottles... Can you direct me on how to check values, and post/market? I can send pics...can't figure out how to post them here.
  • 1966, sealed, Canadian O.F.C. pristeen, teardrop bottle
  • NV, sealed, Canadian LTD , full, like new except paper seal tattered
  • NV, sealed, Schenley Reserve 8 Yr, low by 1/3
  • NV, sealed, Schenley Reserve American Whiskey, slightly low
  • NV, open, Schenley Reserve, blended, printed glass decanter w/stopper, 1/2 full
  • NV, open, Four Roses, blended, square glass decanter w/cube stopper and hang tag, 3/4 full
  • NV,. Seagram's Seven Crown, tall decanter bottle w/stopper, 4/5 full
  • ?? CINQ 55 CINQ French Liqueur, sealed, have no idea what this is!

Any help would be appreciated... I'm a Scotch gal, myself!

tidaeg 11-26-2013 10:24 PM

NV, sealed, Schenley Reserve American Whiskey, slightly low
I am interested in the Schenley Reserve American Whiskey.

TheEtherMan 11-27-2013 01:25 AM

Feel free to post your photos to find out more about what you have, but if you are looking to sell your whisky please use other methods than the forum. $ales posts are no longer permitted. McTears or Bonhams have regular whisky auctions.

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