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The twin cities haul:

10 Balvenie DW 12
2 Corryvreckan
1 Dalmore 12 (40%)
1 Talisker 10
5 Ardbeg 10
1 Caol Ila
1 Cardhu 12 (40%)
1 Aberfeldy 12 (40%)
1 Glenfarclas 12
1 Springbank 10
1 Bunnahabhain 12

They took away my cart at Morelli's which had my list in it so when I got to Total Wine I was just guessing at which Scotches to get. I should have remembered to avoid the 40%ers but things were a bit hectic with Morelli's not accepting credit cards and Total Wine getting an "insufficient funds" report until I called the credit card co, and yes I got stuck in very slow rush hour traffic.
The Balvenies were $33.33 each at Morelli's before tax and 2 of the Ardbeg 10s were $35 at Ace.

I brought home a bunch of Armagnac and aņejo Tequila too.

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