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Originally Posted by oscarswanson View Post
I see you had some success buying when you were here.
Yes, I still can't believe the prices there.
Glad to hear you and yours are in good shape now.

I spent too much time at Blue Max liquors expecting to find some good buys but there were none. All the great reviews they get were unfounded the day I was there.

The only reason I bought those 40%ers at Total Wine is because I lost my wish list at Morelli's and was just grabbing stuff. I wanted to beat the rush hour in the city and get back onto I-94 and get out of Dodge.

You would have gotten a laugh from the look on the girl's face at Total Wine in Burnsville when I rolled up to the check out with $700 worth of Scotch in the cart and got an insufficient funds report from my credit card company.

Although almost all aņejo tequilas are 40% abv they range from very light bodied and delicate to quite tasty and very rich flavored. If you try a couple and aren't pleased it might be you haven't hit on one you like yet.
The agave plant gives tequila a rather unique and exotic (IMO) flavor.
Have you ever been to Huatulco, Mexico?

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