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TheBends, I can understand how the oak in booker's can come across that way to some.

Correct me if I am wrong but 6-8 years is not that long at all for whisk(e)y. When those sweeter flavors, fruits, nuts, spices are mild, subtle, it is harder for them to wash over/reduce other notes/flavors. The oak in many Booker's batches is often the strongest flavor but, and even in these and when this occurs, I find the oak to be very mild (even though it is the strongest flavor in the glass) compared to just about every other high barrel proof bourbon.

Even when other flavors wash over or balance out other flavors in a glass, I still pick them up for what they individually are. ECBP, huge lovely oak on the back end with huge sweet cherries, caramel, vanilla, roasted nuts etc that explode wonderfully in the mouth and crash, wash over then coat that delicious big oak on the finish... The oak on the ECBP is far bigger and bolder but, in thethe glass it is accompanied by big huge flavors.... Booker's doesnt have that oak, not even close but, its subtle flavors are sometimes not big enough to wash over the oak, which leaves the oak standing alone.. Mild it is but, its alone.
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