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Originally Posted by XXL View Post
I have found in my short time with Scotch whisky that I love the smokey taste and finish of the Highland Parks.

What other Scotchs have a smokey taste and finish that I could try?
Most, but not all, of the Islay whiskies are peaty/smokey, and there are also peaty/smokey whiskies from the other regions of Scotland. If you go for an Islay whisky, keep in mind the Islay peat yields different flavor characteristics than the Orkney (Highland Park) peat.

Maybe consider something from Talisker. The Isle of Skye is geographically farther south than Orkney, but not as far south as Islay. I don't know how much that actually has to do with the flavor these days, since many distilleries no longer do their own floor maltings. But to me, Talisker is sort of "between" Highland Park and the Islay whiskies in its peat profile and overall taste.
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