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Originally Posted by XXL View Post
I decided to look for and purchase all the Ardbegs that I can find, even though I have plenty of other malts to try.I like the 10 that much, and I'm sure the other expressions are as good or better.

My local La Bodega has an Ardbeg called Perpetuum. Anyone have any experience with this particular expression?
The first time I tried Ardbeg 10 I was completely floored. One thing I love with the Ardbegs and Lagavulins is that I can get thorough enjoyment for hours sometimes just sniffing time and again, taking just a sip every 15th or 20th time of picking it up.

Other favorites of mine I seem to have to take a sip every time as the nosing part of the experience, though enjoyable, just isn't enough to satisfy.

Perpetuum and the newest Suprenova are both ones that I'm probably not going to buy based on reviews, even though I sometimes disagree with the reviewers.

Most definitely get the Uigeadail and Corryvreckan and if you're still in the buying mood get a bottle of the standard Lagavulin 16 and if you can find it the 12 as well. The Lagavulin 12 is their crowning achievement, at least within the realms of what we mortals can afford. Caol Ila 12 too, get that one.
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