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Default Old bottle of Ne Plus Ultra

My statement below is one I posted a day or so ago on the NE PLUS ULTRA. As I am not an appraiser of whiskies, I can find prior auctions to give people a ballpark number. But of course, the best way is to consult a professional. I am; however, a collector and purchase from auction houses, and collector's like the packaging to be fully intact. You have stated that the packaging is not fully intact as your bottle is missing a ribbon; and from what I can see of the label, the label is in poor condition.

I have found 6 bottles that have sold at auction of Dewar's Ne Plus Ultra. They range from 102 EURO to 152 EURO ( US$127 to US$192 )

One must always ask the question, "Is the view worth the climb" as there are up-front associated costs with shipping the bottle to an auction house, and paying auction selling fees. To do quick and dirty math on this bottle, assume your bottle will bring in the in the low-end of 102 EURO ( US$127 because of condition ). Shipping to Europe via independent carrier would be US$45 and auction selling fees in Europe are usually 30%. After these basic fees, you would realize ~US$34 ( US POSTAL SERVICE does not allow alcohol to be sent through its system ), provided you can find a professional appraiser to value your bottle for free. If not, then you would have to add appraising fees which would then reduce your $34 to zero or maybe end up in the negative.

There is only one state in the US that allows whisky auctions and that is New York and Christies is usually the auction house of choice. They like the old and rare. You can contact them and see what they have to say.
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