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Default Ne Plus Ultra, etc.

My dad, Lou Cahill, who was in the PR business told a story about Charles Ansell, the owner of a shipbuilding yard in St. Catharines who in the 1950's would have a glass of Ne Plus before he would take VIP's out to christen a new Great Lakes vessel his yard had just completed.
Also when my dad sold his house in 2005, I found not Ne Plus Ultra, but a bottle of Johnny Walker Black in a basement cabinet. I had purchased the 26 oz. bottle for him at the duty free counter in Preswick airport in 1969. The unopened bottle, still in its box is in my hands today. Dad was a rye whisky drinker in his day and so just kept the bottle out of the light so to speak. I can't ask him why he didn't serve the Johnny Walker or more stories about the Ne Plus as he passed away last November at 94-years-of-age.

I'll be watching to see what turns up about the Dewar's Ne Plus Ultra. I believe in Canada Dewar's was distributed by Hiram Walker & Sons.

Cheers, D. Cahill
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