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Originally Posted by john_b View Post
I don't have any experience with Private Preserve. My preservation methods consist of keeping the bottle in a dark place (a closet), and not expose it to excessive heat. Once a bottle is open, I tend to not keep it around long enough for serious oxidation to become an issue, i.e. it's gone within a few months to a year at most. What little changes do occur, I find interesting.
I just began drinking scotch, so in my excitement to try all the flavors I have found myself with a good collection of nicely priced bottle ($50-$150) with only a dram or two out of them. This was before I found out that whisky oxidizes. So while some of the everyday type bottles like the Macallan 12/15,Glenlivet,Chivas will surely not make it past a year, many of the others I'm afraid will.

There are many more expensive bottles that I want to have for the occasional dram ($100-$300) but I can't bring myself to buy them knowing I have to either drink them soon or have them deteriorate within the year. Variety is the spice of life!

Thats why I was hoping something like the Private Preserve would extend the oxidation time by a year or two on the expensive bottles.
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