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Originally Posted by KYMountainMan View Post
What I'm wanting to know is ..... where are you guys finding Pint sized bottles here in the states? I live in Kentucky, and have had a heck of a time finding enough Balvenie to complete the collection I have started. The last time I was at my local liquor store I was able to purchase a complete "case" of 3 bottle sample packs, but I still can't find the Carribean Cask anywhere.

In retreat, I have resorted to sipping on my Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon while I anxiously search for more bottles to complete my collection. Luckily, Blantons is a native brand of Sazerac which is 10 miles down the road from me here in Kentucky.
I am located in Jacksonville, FL. and I have the same issue finding the higher quality sample bottles. When it comes to the common spirits, such as Glenlivet, you can find a bottle here or there. The cheap mass-produced spirits are all over the place, but I've found that the only place with a good selection of sample bottles is my local Total Wine superstore. Do you have one of those in Kentucky?
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