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Originally Posted by Son-o'-the-Sod(?) View Post
"Control state" b.s. (I live in one, I don't know if Kentucky is another) is an ongoing pain in the ass for lovers of fine spirits - a very bad result of the 21st Amendment
Our state control allows for a special order process, but the problem is that you have to buy the entire case. For example, if I order a bottle of Tun 1509, that product ships in a case of 3. If it was available, I would have to buy the case. Over $1,000 for the case, when all I want is one bottle! My pockets aren't that deep.

I bought a single bottle in another state, while traveling.

I've been pestering my state congressmen for over a year about this very thing. One state rep referred my emails to our local ABC Board, which got me a meeting with that board. The chairman saw my point, and agreed that the local board should have the autonomy to buy a case if the board so chooses, sell a single bottle to the person that placed the special order, and assume the liability of selling the rest of the case. So far, the state is holding firm to its antiquated special order process.
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