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Originally Posted by oscarswanson View Post
The Cairdeas goes for less than $80.00. I have a few of the 2013 and 2015. only one of the 2014.
Just picked up a couple Nikka 15-year-old yesterday. They also had some Yamazaki 12 but wanted nearly $100.00 a bottle about the same as the 15 previously mentioned.
This Japanese stuff is almost impossible to find around here anymore.
Do you like any of them better than the others?
I'll have to go look and see what year mine is, although it does have a yellow label if that helps and hopefully mine is one of the better ones.

The Cairdeas is a funny one for Laphroaig. I opened it and gave it a try with three different Lagavulins one night and thought it more like a Lagavulin than a Laphroaig!
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