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Originally Posted by Islay Peat View Post
Do you like any of them better than the others?
I'll have to go look and see what year mine is, although it does have a yellow label if that helps and hopefully mine is one of the better ones.

The Cairdeas is a funny one for Laphroaig. I opened it and gave it a try with three different Lagavulins one night and thought it more like a Lagavulin than a Laphroaig!
I have not even tried any of it yet. I buy way more that I drink. Saving up for retirement so to speak.
How do you know you'll even like it you might ask?
I have not had a Scotch whisky I have not liked.
Some I just love more than others.

Popped open a Corry last night and It was very overwhelming. Must have been something I ate.
Yep. It was $65.00 at Total Wine.

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