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Old 02-19-2011, 03:26 PM
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Default My first 10/10 bourbon!

For the past year now I've enjoy Wild Turkey's Kentucky Spirit, but I decided to give it a thorough tasting and review. I copied it here for anyone who was interested, and thanks for looking

It finally happened. I reviewed my first ten out of ten whiskey. I found Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit about a year ago while searching for “bourbon ratings OR rankings” on google. A post over at came up rating Kentucky Spirit very high on taste and moderately high on value; I agree with both (Forbes).

Kentucky Spirit is a single barreled bourbon, and each bourbon is hand selected. Master distiller Jimmy Russell selects for qualities of vanilla, a touch of sweetness, almonds, honey and leather. It is a fuller body bourbon and 50 percent alcohol, yet still manages to be remarkable smooth (Wild Turkey).

taste - bright and sparkling upfront, orange, meringue, warm, white chocolate, dark caramels, vanilla spice, light oak, pepper, white smoke, hint of woods and earth on finish.

smell - vanilla, white oak, orange blossoms, honeysuckles, rosewater, tree sap, cinnamon bark, boiling sugars, effervescent (I want to add “forests and log cabin” because of that woodsy, earthy tone).

look - grade “A” maple syrup, amber honey, deeply aged Grand Marnier, burnt orange (a nod to Texas).

rating - 10, my first 10!

price - $37.50 - $50


Work Cited
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"Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit." Wild Turkey Bourbon. Web. 19 Feb. 2011. <>.
Cheers, Swift
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