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Old 11-17-2013, 09:28 PM
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Default New member with a question about a particular bottle


Please pardon my first post being a question, but I have researched to no avail on this.

A good friend and colleague was so kind as to give me a bottle of Macallan 1983 18 year. Basically under the premise that he had the bottle in an old stock of liquors, and is not a scotch drinker. I am no aficionado but I knew right away that it wasnt any ordinary off the shelf scotch that I would find lying around my local corner liquor store. After a bit of research, it appears that it is a pretty expensive bottle selling at auctions for well north of $500 and in a few cases over $1000. I let my friend know this, and that considering he obviously wasnt fully aware of what he had, that he might be better served to sell the bottle or save it for a special occasion rather than give it away.

So, my question to the forum is, are these figures arbitrary or can this bottle be sold at anywhere around that figure? Obviously anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay, but what would a reasonable figure be to expect on this bottle in perfect, uncorked condition? And also, what means of selling the bottle are available? Forgive my ignorance here and any and all opinions and info are very much appreciated.

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Old 11-17-2013, 11:12 PM
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I'm not sure it has high value as a drinking scotch. For 95%+ of scotch drinkers, the bottle is entirely exchangeable for the current (93/94/95) vintage Mac 18.
However, in the world of collectable scotch the fact that Macallan vintage dates its product makes it both a collectors item (for those who want all the vintages) and, considering its age a rarity. (Also, the consensus among scotch drinkers is that macallan has gone downhill in the last 10 years so the bottle is likely better than the current offering)
So, if you/he is not a collector/scotch nerd, you'd do better selling it and buying of the current vintage.
AS to value, at auction the bottles do go for around $400 - 700. In a private sale I'd expect at least 350.
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