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Default Why Is Scotch Viewed As Superior To Other Whiskies?


I ask because I have not drank that much of it. It seems that in the higherarchy of whiskey, scotch is viewed as the top. I understand that there is some great Irish, Canadian and Burbon whiskeys, but reading these and other sites about whiskey, They take a back seat to the stuff from Scotland. I gave up beer for lent, so it's 40 days of whiskey drinking for me. I plan on making to jump to Scotch soon.

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I got my start on whisky when a friend opened a bottle of Crown Black. Quite a revelation to find out that whisky could actually taste good.
Fairly soon I started to realize that my favorite whisky's were bourbons. So there it was; I was a bourbon drinker and Booker's became my favorite.

Then I discovered scotch and almost overnight forgot about being a bourbon fan. While I can still enjoy a good bourbon, and even a rye, the only non-scotch drink I keep on hand anymore is Crown Reserve.

I saw in another thread that you have tried and like Lagavulin 16 and I'd suggest that you sample whatever better scotches you have available locally when you can. While there are some drinkable bottles available for under $40 or so, you're probably going to find your favorites more in the $50-150 range and some of my top choices are generally in the 18 year range, although there is the excellent Lagavulin 12, Glenfiddich 14, Taketsuru 17 among others. Granted, the Taketsuru can't be legally labeled scotch since it's not from the right country, but whisky making in Japan is directly linked to the Scottish style and taking a sip off most of them will immediately show you the lineage in the flavor.
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whisky vs bourbon

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