Burns Night Supper at Beckham Grille

Robert Burns, Scotland’s most lauded poet, penned famous words about whisky and women at about the time that America won its independence. He’s probably best known to us as the author of Auld Lang Syne, that New Year’s song that’s never been sung sober or in tune. “Robbie” died young but somehow became more famous in death because the Scots felt as if he was the embodiment of the Scottish spirit. They honor him on his birthday, Jan 25th, with a Burns supper.

The Burns supper is a relatively formal dinner that may include, but isn’t limited to supper, a reading of ‘To a Haggis’, the sharing of Haggis, pipes, poetry, scotch, and finally a singing of Auld Lang Syne to close the night.

Everyone makes the Burns Supper into what they want. The Burns Supper with the LA Scotch Club concentrates on that liquid with fueled Robbie’s passion, scotch. So, on January 25th, the LA Scotch Club will be having its 3rd infamous Burns Night Supper at Beckham Grille in Pasadena. Like last year, there will be a drunken poetry contest where wit meets whisky (or is defeated by it), haggis, a fine British supper, and of course lots and lots of scotch.


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