Gnac Night

Cognac? Armagnac? But aren’t we all about Whisky?  Yes, but we also focus on learning, and an important part of knowing about whisky is knowing what distinguishes it from other fine spirits.  On May 25th the LA Scotch Club will travel down the Chunnel from Scotland to France to explore HIGH END Cognac and Armagnac… the kind that don’t make rap videos. These featured “Gnacs” are rare and highly acclaimed. To sweeten the deal we’ve invited Franck Vigneron of Maison Comandon to present an introduction to Cognac. Comandon is a great house that’s starting to turn heads. They’re old (1821), yet young in that they’re innovative and are gaining notoriety with awards piling up.

The event will be at Jack and Jill’s Too, near Beverly Hills. We’ll have a crepe dinner and dessert and the following Cognacs and Armagnacs:

Pierre Ferrand 1965
Ragnaud-Sabourin 35 Cognac
Tariquet 1982 Armagnac
Tesseron Lot 29 Cognac
Labaude Armagnac 1974
Tesseron Lot 29 Cognac
Comandon VS
Comandon VSOP
Comandon XO
Comandon Single Barrel

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