Peatin’ Meetin’ IV

Peatin’ Meetin’ 2012 is creeping around the corner. With the addition of a few sponsors, we’ve got about 80 bottles. The latest news is that Pedro Shanahan (as seen on Last Call with Carson Daly) of 7Grand has agreed to do bartend our whisky cocktails. We’ll have LA’s best making us Ardbeg Juleps and Blood and Smoke (Blood and Sand with Lagavulin). This is just the icing on the cake for what is going to be a spectacular evening. Last year we charged the same price. No cocktails, no T-shirt, no band. Actually, in retrospect I don’t know what I was thinking not raising the price. OH, WELL. 1000 flyers have been printed and the price ain’t dropping… so lucky YOU! Just a reminder of what $75 gets you:

1. A “Perfect Dram” whisky glass engraved “Peatin’ Meetin’. Additionals for $7.
2. A Peatin’ Meetin’ T-shirt (sizes not guaranteed)
3. Peat-smoked Tri-tip dinner
4. Whisky Cocktails valued at $35 for the pair (at 7Grand)
5. The smokiest whiskies made in the world, including multiple versions of Octomore (the world record holder) and Ardbeg Supernova. No limit. No early cut-off times, no snootiness, just awesome and rare whisky, much of which isn’t even available in the United States.
6. Entertainment by the Irish Rock Band “The Brick Top Blaggers”

If that’s not enough to convince you, then you don’t like whisky. But you do, so……………….. Register today!

Time: 5pm, July 28th, 2012
Place: UCLA Sunset Canyon Upper Picnic Area

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