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Aultmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Aultmore, Keith, Banffshire
AB45 3JT Scotland
Tel: +44 01542 881800
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Aultmore Wash Backs - Photo Courtesy of John Dewar & Sons Ltd.Aultmore Distillery lies several miles north of the town of Keith on the eastern fringe of Speyside. The distillery was established by Alexander Edwards in 1895. Edwards also owned the Benrinnes Distillery and in 1898, he acquired the Oban Distillery, creating the "Oban and Aultmore-Glenliver Distilleries Ltd".

Initially, the Aultmore Distillery did very well and doubled production in the first few years. However, it was unfortunate that trouble was just around the corner. Edwards had been a large supplier of bulk whisky to Pattison's of Leith, a major blending company and in 1898, Pattison's collapsed. As a result, Edwards was hit very hard.

Although production continued at Aultmore, times were often difficult. Pattison’s downfall led to a surplus of Speyside Malt whisky on the market; prohibition in America and the 1920s depression also took their toll. In 1923, Dewar's purchased Aultmore along with Ord, Parkmore and and Pultney distilleries in order to earmark more raw materials for their blend. Aultmore, which was highly respected by blenders, was considered topnotch in its class.Aultmore Distillery Stills - Photo Courtesy of John Dewar & Sons Ltd.

As in many malt whisky areas, a thriving illicit still community existed. The numerous burns and the peaty springs of the Foggie Moss provided the water, and the publicans in Keith were willing customers. Not all the smugglers were men and one of the better-known operators selling ‘small-still’ whisky was a woman called Jane Milne!

In 1971, the Aultmore Distillery was rebuilt and a second pair of stills were added to the original pair. Virtually nothing remains of the original distillery. Shortly thereafter, it was purchased by United Vintners & Distillers (UVD) and then in 1998, Bacardi - which is the parent company of Dewar's - bought the Aultmore Distillery.


Colour: Delicate golden Chardonnay.

Nose: A delightful, floral perfume initially dominates this gentle whisky, with a dusting of talcum powder emerging, enrobed entirely in the delicate sweetness of green apples.

Body: Medium, firm.

Palate: The fragrant floral note is carried through from the nose, and merges perfectly with a richer sweet and fruity character, which is redolent of a ripe plum pudding.

Finish: A very satisfying delicate and dry finish.

Tasting Notes Courtesy of Aultmore


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Nose: Sweet, autumn fruits, malty with hints of spice.

Palate: Full bodies and warming. Coconut; creme brulee.




The Aultmore Distillery
Aultmore Distillery - Photo Courtesy of John Dewar & Sons Ltd.
Aultmore Distillery

The Aultmore Distillery is located two and half miles north of Keith. The area around Aultmore has always been remote and sparsely populated, hence it was a thriving location for the many smuggler’s bothies. The numerous burns and the peat-rich springs of the Foggie Moss from which the distillery draws its waters, were additional incentives for the illicit stills.

On display there is an old steam engine which supplied the distillery’s power round the clock; to do so it was kept in continuous daily operation – except for repair and servicing periods – for the best part of 70 years. At times when the engine was temporarily not working, the waterwheel (which was used in the past) took over and supplied power.

In the early fifties, the Aultmore and Imperial distilleries performed pioneering experiments that would lead to utilizing most of the distillery waste matter (pot ale and draff) for protein-rich animal feed. This practice is now industry-wide and makes the production of scotch whisky one of the most ecologically sound industries in existence.

Distillery Tours are not normally available, however tours for small parties (no more than 4) are sometimes possible. The tour must be booked in advance, and unfortunately still cannot be guaranteed if there is a pressing matter within the distillery. Please call: +44 01542 881800