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Ballantine's Blended Scotch Whisky
Kilmalid, Dumbarton,
Dunbarton Shire G82 2SS, Scotland
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Courtesy of Ballantine'sIn 1827 at the age of 19, George Ballantine opened his first shop and just a few years later in 1831, he opened his second store in Edinburgh. He eventually moved to a more impressive location in Glasgow and focused on wholesale whisky. In 1895, Queen Victoria awarded Ballantine's the Royal Warrant which is the ultimate endorsement of the company's prestigious reputation. Ballantine's Finest was developed some 15 years later and emerged as the company's primary export.

It was in 1937 that the company received its Grant of Heraldic Arms, recognising George Ballantine & Son as an "incorporation noble on the Noblesse of Scotland". The heraldic arms that decorate the Grant appear on every bottle of Scotch whisky to this date.

Extensive maturation warehousing was developed at Dumbuck near Dumbarton, and Willowyard near Beith in Ayrshire. And, in 1977, a few miles from Dumbarton, home of the company's headquarters, Europe's most advanced blending and bottling plant was opened at Kilmalid.

The Ballantine's range is the most comprehensive range of quality blended scotch whiskies available anywhere in the world. Ballantine's is established as a major global brand and is the best selling Scotch whisky in Europe. It is also one of the five best selling blended whiskies worldwide. Every second, two bottles are sold. The Ballantine's range of blended Scotch whiskies has gained the highest number of awards and trophies in international competitions.
Courtesy of Ballantine's
In 2005, the company became part of the global conglomerate now called Chivas Brothers LTD, which is part of the global French wine and spirits company - Pernod Ricard.

Courtesy of Ballantine's

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Ballantine's Finest is a complex, refined and elegant blended Scotch whisky. It is regarded as the taste to satisfy a modern style. The brand's light gold colour and unmistakable taste come from a complex mix of carefully selected malt and grain whiskies all aged for at least three years, and many for much longer. The signature malt flavours of Miltonduff and Glenburgie give Ballantine's Finest hints of chocloate, red apple and vanilla.

Colour: A light gold.

Nose: Soft, elegant, heather honey aromas with a hint of spice.

Taste: Well balanced subtle flavours with tones of milk chocolate, red apple and vanilla.

Character & Body: Soft, sweet and complex. Rounded.

Finish: The sophisticated after-taste gives a fresh, floral and rounded glow.

The Whisky Distilleries

Balblair DistilleryBalblair Whisky Distillery
Founded by John Ross of the Clan Ross in 1790, Balblair is one of the oldest working distilleries in Scotland and undoubtedly one of the most attractive small distilleries still remaining today. A high percentage of Balbair whisky is used in Ballantine's blended Scotch whisky ...More

Glenburgie Distillery Glenburgie Whisky Distillery
The Glenburgie Distillery which was founded in 1810 is considered a very 'ancient' and old fashioned distillery. Ballantine's purchased Glenburgie in 1836 and ever since, the distillery has been an integral part of the company. Glenburgie Distillery is used primarily for the purpose of Ballantine's blends ...More

Miltonduff Whisky Distillery
Miltonduff Distillery The distillery was established in 1824 and is situated a few miles from Elgin close to Pluscarden Abbey. The monks attributed the quality of their ale - which was once known as the finest in Scotland - to the water of the Black Burn, which was blessed by a saintly abbot in the 15th century. This is the same water source as is used by Miltonduff distillery. The majority of the Miltonduff's production is for Ballantine's blends ...More

Courtesy of Ballantine's