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Banff Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Inverboyndie, Banff
Banffshire, AB45 2JJ Scotland
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Banff Distillery was founded in 1824 by James McKilligan & Company and its history is one of great fascination. The distillery was completely destroyed by fire in 1877, however, within five months it was quickly rebuilt and back in full operation. In order to prevent future disasters, a fire engine was kept permanently on the premises. During World War II, the Banff facilities were utilized by soldiers as billets. Misfortune struck once again when a lone German aircraft bombed the distillery warehouse. Although no one was injured, the distillery was burned to the ground.

A story in The Banffshire Journal reported that "thousands of gallons of whisky were lost, either by burning or running to waste over the land" and a highly detailed article by an apparant eyewitness reporter stated that "even the farm animals grazing in the neighbourhood became visibly intoxicated." Even the cows, it was said, could not be milked because they could not stand up and many ducks and geese in the nearby ponds and waterways were killed from alcohol overdose.

In October of 1959, a dangerous explosion which was caused by coppersmith brazing, damaged much of the distillery. Repairs were completed and production continued until the distillery's closure in 1983 due to lack of water and poor quality. It is presumed the entire whisky inventory of the distillery was sold to the blending trade, however, it is fortunate some of the casks were released to the independent bottlers. This enabled the single malt connoisseur to experience this soon to be extinct whisky in its original state. After the closing of the distillery, years later in 1991, one of the last remaining warehouses was destroyed by fire.

Banff was formerly owned by United Distillers & Vintners (Diageo).

BANFF 21 YEAR 1982

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Descripton: Copper in colour with a slight reddish tinge. Light bodied, gentle. Water adds an extra dimension. A pre-dinner dram. Tasting notes from Ulf Buxrud Rare Malts: Facts, Figures and Taste.

Nose: Whiff of smoke like burnt damp hay. Astringent on the nose. Floral, like sun-dried grass and fruity with apple pie and orange peel in the background.

Palate: Butterscotch, slightly oily. Some nuttiness and distant sherry notes. Roasted chestnut and dry Oloroso sherry.

Finish: Sweet, light smokiness and trace of vanilla.

ABV: 57.1%

Banff 21 Year 1982 was bottled in 2004 and is included in Diageo's Rare Collection.