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Black Bottle's history began in the long and proud reign of Queen Victoria in the small crofters' village of Torphins near Aberdeen in the northeast of Scotland. Three sons named Charles, David and Gordon were born to local shoemaker, James Graham. All three boys left home for the port of Aberdeen seeking work. While the blending industry was thriving, the three brothers learned about the industry and started their own business. The first Graham office was located in the heart of Aberdeen's commercial quarter on Union Street.

Over the years, the brothers became known for blending another fine, potent drink. They were encouraged and supported by those who had experienced the fruits of their labours to launch this new product - Black Bottle Blended Scotch Whisky which was established in 1879.

In 1898, Scotland's highest profile blending company, Paterson's, collapsed. This misfortune brought upon an abrupt halt to the soaring whisky boom and for this reason along with the other associated risks involved, the Graham brothers never invested in a distillery of their own.

Following the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, the Graham's unique German made black bottle needed to be replaced by a green glass version which is still used today. Despite this change, the bottle retained its unique 'pot still' shape.

By 1926, all three founding brothers had passed away and Charles' wife, Ann-Jane Graham was left in charge. The reign of the "Granny Graham" had begun. However, since there were no male heirs to the Black Bottle business, Granny persuaded her nephew to change his name from Graham Horne to Graham Charles Innes Graham following the death of his mother.

Tragedy struck in 1951 when fire burned down the Market Street offices taking away with it original recipes and all company records and history. Gordon Graham was the last of the family to work from the company now named Gordon Graham & Co. He had to learn the company from the ground up.

Partly due to the duties paid on Granny Graham's death in 1958 and the due to the lack of knowledge of the true value of the stock held, Gordon Graham & Co. lost its prized independence. In 1964, the stock was sold off and the good name of Bottle was sold to Long John - another spirit manufacturer. This sale sadly saw the end of the quality product Black Bottle had become.

The purchase of Black Bottle in 1990 by Allied Distillers resulted in a dramatic turnaround. Although it took five years, Black Bottle was turned back into the fine dram it once was. It was restored back to its former glory with an injection of modern Islay malts which gave back its chewy, malty taste which defined it over 100 years ago.

This smooth and distinctive Scotch Whisky, carefully blended by master craftsmen, each with a lifetime’s experience in the Scotch Whisky industry, uses only the finest grain and malt whiskies, including all of the single malts from Scotland’s most famous whisky producing island, Islay.

With the return of Black Bottle's original taste, it had been reinvigorated with a smart new look that remembers the early bottles, yet also shows the class of the whisky within. Black Bottle has finally and once again returned as the pillar of good taste the Grahams began in 1881.


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Colour: Rich and golden.

Nose: Fresh and fruity with hints of peat.

Palate: Full with slight sweetness followed by a delightful, smoky flavour.

Finish: Long and warming with an interesting, smoky, Islay character.

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