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Deanston Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Deanston near Doune,
Perthshire FK16 6AG Scotland
Tel: +44 (0)1786 841 422 / Fax: +44 (0)1786 841 439
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Deanston Distillery is situated outside the town of Doune, Perthshire, and lies on the banks of the River Teith, which rises in the nearby mountains of the Trossachs. Its origins lie in the historic centre of Scotland, close to Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument and Bannockburn. The waters of the River Teith are considered to be the purest in Scotland, and are used in the distillation at Deanston.

About 15% of the Deanston's production is marketed as single malt, while the remaining is used in blends - most notably Scottish Leader Blended Scotch Whisky, which is an international award winning blend with a honey rich smooth taste profile.

Deanston is owned by Burn Stewart Distillers Limited. In 1995 Burn Stewart commissioned a gin distillery on the Deanston site making it capable of producing the highest quality distilled London dry gin.

A 30 year old Deanston Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky Limited Edition, with an Oloroso Finish, is the most recent release by Burn Stewart. This mature Deanston single malt has been created from some of the oldest Deanston stocks available today, making it an exclusive offering and something special that will only be available in the U.S.

Burn Stewart Distillers Limited is a fully integrated Scotch whisky producer and brand owner a total of three whisky distilleries and a strong portfolio of Scotch whisky brands. With its head office and bottling hall based in East Kilbride near Glasgow, and, with its three distilleries; Deanston in Doune, Perthshire; Bunnahabhain on the Isle of Islay; and Tobermory based on the Isle of Mull, Burn Stewart produces and markets a well balanced range of Scotch whisky brands to appeal to every type of Scotch consumer.

Courtesy of Deanston Distillery



Nose: Dry. Light peat. Grass. Linseed, leather.

Palate: Lightly oily. Sweet. Lemon-zest. Lemon-grass. Lightly malty.

Finish: Sherbet. Lemon-zest again. Grass. Appetising nutty dryness.

Comment: More of a Lowland style. If Deanston were regarded as a Lowland distillery, it would score higher.

Tasting Notes by Michael Jackson

Deanston Distillery

Deanston Distillery, near Doune, Perthshire, rests on the banks of the River Teith. The historic building dates back to 1785, when Deanston was actually operating as a cotton mill. The mill was converted to a full working distillery in 1966, making use of the crystal clear waters of the River Teith for the distillation of its single malt whisky and of the listed cellar buildings which provide the perfect storage conditions for maturing the whisky.

Water powered turbines are the energy source, with two pairs of large bulbous pot stills capable of distilling three million litres of alcohol a year. The enclosed riverside warehouses give excellent conditions of constant humidity and temperature for ageing malt whisky.

The Deanston Distilery is now open to the public with tours by appointment. Please call +44 01786 841422. Or Contact the Deanston Distillery Here.

Courtesy of Deanston Distillery

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Robert Sinclair Galbraith
Posted 3132 days ago
While touring Stirling with my son from North Carolina, USA, I sampled some Deanston's. We dropped in to tour the distillery itself, and were given a fine tour by a generously spirited woman staff member. As the distillery was idle, we were treated to the deluxe tour, making it easily the best distillery tour we experienced during our trip through Scotland. The sampling was a revelation, a new and delectible scotch whisky. WOOOOOOOW!!!! It is now included on my very short list of my prefered scotch. I do enjoy it and recommend it liberally as one of Scotlands finest. Although it is not cheap, the flavor and smoothness excedes that of many priceier scottish spirits. Like the gentleman below, I gifted a bottle of their 21 YR scotch to my son in recognition of his 21st birthday.
Posted 3193 days ago
What a great idea!I turned 21 this year and have since been able to ccnoinve my family that I'm just not interested in drinking alcohol. Which is good because my family are huge holiday/celebratory drinkers. They always offer me a drink at least once out of courtesy, but after that they always leave me alone. Even my sister, who was really persistent in making me drink for the first few months after my birthday, has backed off.Anyway My right-from-the-get-go approach to declining drinks has been working well, but I was wondering what to do down the line when my young-goody-two-shoes behavior becomes more insulting than cute, like at a more formal business function with clients, or at somebody's wedding.So thanks.PS. With regards to other comment: Non-capitalized calories is well understood to be Calories . Capitalization is pretty much only necessary in published academic journals, and high-school or college chemistry classes.
Posted 3373 days ago
I like the virgin oak Single Malt. it is a good constant quality whiskey.
It can compete with very expensive ones.
Brent Nadeau
Posted 3393 days ago
I don't think there's a better tasting scotch available in Canada in the price-range of The Deanston. It is a very easy drinking scotch with an almost hazle-nut finish to it. I highly recommend it.
Donald Mclean
Posted 3512 days ago
I was asked to taste never heard of it before however the 12 year old is really good I liked in th past the peat style of single malts but this 12 year old is my malt onwards. It is a bit hard to get in Australia hopefully the local store in North Ringwood Victoria will keep it.
Great smooth taste
thank you
Ivan Holmes
Posted 3789 days ago
I purchased the Deanston 30 earlier this year for a special occasion. It was easily the best single malt that I have had. Very smooth delivery with an incredible finish. The price point makes it a must buy for Scotch lovers. Underadvertised and hard to get though.
Brian Stenberg
Posted 3856 days ago
The Deanston 12 year old is a consistantly excellent whisky. I would recommend it.
Posted 4235 days ago
After trying many single malt whiskies, DEANSTON 12 year is one of my favorites. Keep up the good work.