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Glenlochy Single Malt Scotch Whisky
North Road, Fort William, Highland
PH33 6TQ, Scotland
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David McAndies, the director of the Glenlochy Fort William Distillery Company, founded the Glenlochy distillery in 1898 on the west coast of Scotland. McAndies wanted to take advantage of the whisky boom, yet he was too late and opened during the Pattison crash. Production started in 1901, but in 1919, the distillery fell silent. It remained silent until 1937, although there was a very short period of production during 1925.

Glenlochy went through periods of openings and closings through its lifetime and changed hands of ownership several times. In 1937, Thomas Rankin purchased the distillery and within the same year, he sold it to Train & McIntyre Ltd. In 1953, Distillers Company Ltd. (DCL - later known as Diageo) acquired Train & McIntyre, Ltd. and the distillery was operated by Scottish Malt Distillers (SMD). In 1983, Glenlochy was closed due to the rationalisation programme.
River Nevis
The River Nevis

Glenlochy was sold to the hotel group, West Coast Inns, Ltd. Permission was granted to demolish all of the distillery except for the kiln and pagoda roof since they have been declared historic. Today a luxury guest house by the name of Distillery House is situated upon the grounds of Glenlochy.

Diageo released some Glenlochy official bottlings in their Rare Malts series. Douglas Laing, Gordon McPhails, Duncan Taylor, Cadenhead's and Signatory have bottled a few versions of Glenlochy. Almost all of Glenlochy's output went into to blends.



ABV: 57.4 %

0.7 litre

Age: 21 Year Old

Bottler: Cadenhead's

A single cask bottling limited to 276 bottles.

GlenlochyWhisky Distillery
Glenlochy Distillery

Glenlochy Distillery was founded by David McAndies in 1898 on the west coast of Scotland on the outskirts of Fort William. The distillery was ideally located near the attractive River Lochy (known for salmon fishing) and the southern end of the Caledonian Canal. The water source however, was from the River Nevis. The Ben Nevis Distillery which is still in operation today is also located within the town of Fort William.

The Glenlochy had 1 wash still and 1 spirit still. Casks used for maturation were bourbon casks and second fill sherry casks. The distillery was closed in 1983 and dismantled in 1986. Luxury guest house accommodations by the name of Distillery House have been built upon the grounds of the Glenlochy Distillery.