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Glenury Royal Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Stonehaven, Kincardine
Highland AB3 2PY Scotland
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Glenury Royal 50 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Glenury Royal Distillery was founded by Captain Robert Barclay in 1825. Barclay was a local member of Parliament and it was through his connections he was granted permission by King William IV to use "Royal" in the name of his whisky. 'Glenury' comes from the glen which travels through the Ury district. The local river which runs through this glen is the Cowie. Glenury Royal Distillery was situated on the east coast, near the Stonehaven fishing port in the Eastern Highlands.

Barclay was a famous athlete and a marathon walker. He was known as the first man who walked 1000 miles in 1000 hours. A few years after he passed away in 1854, the distillery was put up for auction. It passed through many hands including the William Richie family, Associated Scottish Distillers, and DCL (operated by Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd - SMD) which would later become Diageo.

The Glenury Royal Distillery was mothballed in 1985 which was during the time many distilleries were closed due to a saturated whisky market. The license was cancelled in 1992 and the premises were sold for residental development.

Stonehaven Fishing Port
Stonehaven Fishing Port
Glenury Royal Single Malt Whisky is rare and it mostly contributed of the blends King William IV and Ye Auld Toun. Both were produced by John Gillon & Co, a subsidiary of DCL. The distillery also produced three locally available whiskies Garron and Downie named after local landmarks, and Old Angus which was a blend.


Glenury Royal 36 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky  

Glenury Royal 36 year old, limited edition single malt is extremely rare. There are only 2100 bottles. This 'Clint Eastwood' of a whisky, mature yet full of verve, with no signs of old age is a gloriously mellow old Eastern Highland malt. The nose is complex and deep, the flavour; medium to full bodied, smooth, subtle and rounded.

Appearance: Full amber gold.

Nose: Vivacious for its age; complex, full and deep. Perfume and fruit dominate at first, led by vanilla and parma violets, black cherries and cooked apricots. Behind them lies a leathery, masculine note leading into burnt sugar, chocolate and mint. Water mellows all. Perfume and fruit give way now to wedding cake, treacle and soft leathery aromas.

Body: Medium to full. Velvety and mouthfilling.

Palate: Pleasantly soft at natural strength. Smoky to start, then a scented and deliciously layered fruitiness that reminds you of a sandalwood box containing sweet treats - Turkish delight, dried fruits, black plum. Water makes the mouthfeel more waxy, even teeth coating. The flavour is gloriously mellow and agreeably balanced.

Finish: Polished leather and boat varnish, then more delicious caramelized fruit.

Courtesy of Diageo Scotland

Glenury Royal Whisky Distillery
Glenury Royal Distillery Courtesy of Diageo Scotland

The Glenury Royal Distillery was founded in 1825 near Stonehaven. Just a few weeks after the start of production, the distillery experienced misfortune. Fire destroyed the kiln, malting floors, a part of the grain loft and stocks of barley and malt. Just a few weeks later, a distillery worker fell into the boiler and died. During WWII, Glenury Royal was silent.

The distillery was rebuilt between 1965 and 1966. Refurbishments included a new mill and tun room and a mash house. The stills increased from two to four.

The Glenury Royal Distillery was mothballed in 1985 and was later demolished for development.