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Mannochmore Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Mannochmore Distillery, Elgin, Morayshire, IV30 3SS
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The Mannochmore Distillery was founded in 1971 by John Haig & Co. and lies directly behind the Glenlossie Distillery. It is situated in the valley of the Lossie and south of Elgin and although it shares the land with Glenlossie, it is completely separate. There was speculation at one time it would simply take over production from Glenlossie, but this was not the case. When Mannochmore was built, its initial intention was to contribute malt whisky as a component to Haig's blends.

In 1989 Mannochmore and Glenlossie started operating on alternating schedules for about a year at a time. This type of schedule allowed both distilleries to utilize just one staff. Both distilleries also shared the dark grains plant and the cask warehouse.

Mannochmore was the producer of the black whisky, Loch Dhu which means "Black Lake" in Gaelic. Loch Dhu received criticism from those within as well as outside the industry, but nevertheless, it was much loved and acquired something of a cult-like following. According to Diageo, the color of the whisky is derived from "a secret preparation, involving double charring of selected bourbon barrles." Loch Dhu has a smooth and slightly sweet flavor. This infamous, unique, and much loved black whisky has since been replaced by Cu Dhub Black Whisky.

Mannochmore Distillery fell silent in 1985, re-opened in 1989 as part of UDV (Diageo), only to be permanently mothballed after a few years of activity in 1995.



Description: Rounded, delicious and elegant - a fine apéritif malt, which strikes an appealing balance between silky, oily smoothness and flightier, more aromatic characteristics.

Appearance: Rich amber, polished bronze. Very slight beading.

Nose: Slow to rise. At first, a forest floor in autumn: damp air, earthy and wet. Above this, sweeter notes, soon developing into a compote of fresh autumn fruits; ripe berries, with some red apple. Later, very distant smoke and hints of antiseptic. Later still, a surprising and sparky orange zest. Overall, quite light and well structured. Water makes things softer and more elegant, bringing forth gentle orange fruit gums over hints of creamy caramel.

Body: Light, yet also lightly oily and tongue-coating.

Palate: Very hot, powerful and urgent at full strength. Immediate orange oil, then a developing complexity. Toasted cereal notes, tarte au chocolat scented with orange and a little ginger, the bite of a fruit compote. At once light and drying, yet deliciously oily with a particularly well balanced acidity. Very late and subtle cocoa with hints of cigar box cedar. Water cools things down; it’s all lighter, cooling and minty now, with some boiled fruit-sweets.

Finish: Long and persistent. Although hot and drying, remains smooth, silky, warming and delicate, with a sweetly fragrant rose-water aftertaste.

Tasting Notes by Diageo


Mannochmore 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch
Nose: Sweet, light and perfumed: dried flowers, lemon, soft fruits, hazelnut and syrup. Reminiscent somehow of crunchy nut cornflakes.

Still floral and attractive. There’s a hit of lemon meringue pie in the middle, and all very light, sweet and fragrant.

A little short, but you don’t want this style of malt to last forever.

Comment: A lovely sweet, frothy, summery dram.

Tasting Notes by Dave Broom

Mannochmore Whisky Distillery
Mannochmore Distillery

The Mannochmore Distillery was a modern distillery built in 1971. It had three wash stills and three spirit stills which were all lined up in a row. Each still was automated from a control box in the still room. The control of the temperatures, pressures and spirit strengths were all within an arm's length. The size and shape of the Mannochmore stills draws out the fresh and floral elements of the spirit making it an ideal aperitif.

The distillery's water source came from the Mannoch Hills and the annual distillery output was 2.6 million litres of alcohol. The distillery was permanently mothballed in 1995.