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Picture Huge Black & White 4 inch Metal Frame Mirror
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Help plz..... I have a huge black & white 4 inch metal frame mirror almost 3 ft high & 2 1/2 inches wide - it says on the mirror (ON TOP) by appointment to her majesty the queen scothch whiskey distillers, James Buchanan & CO. LTD LONDON (MIDDLE) Huge letters, BLACK & WHITE - IMPORTED 100% SCOTCH WHISKIES - (BOTTOM) - has 2 black & white scottish terrier dogs - says Black & White Blended Scotch Whiskey, 86.8 Proof 1978 HEUBLEIN, INC, HARTFORD, CONN. (BACK) pressed wood backing w hangers

nobody knows anything about it & it is not on the internet as far as i have searched. I have been looking for years. It came from FLORIDA BEVERAGE WHAREHOUSE, Jacksonville, Florida way back when my dad worked there in the 70's. It is very beautiful and rare. can you plz help me find some information on this an what it could be worth today? I think is was for a bar or pub mirror w very limited made. Thank you so much any help or comments appreciated.
2 06-19-2012 05:22 AM

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