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Default How to Post Photos on

To post photos, please register first. We then need to upgrade your status once you post your thread. Once done, then go to the appropriate category and click on New Thread. In the body part of the thread, please list as much info as possible. Then, when you're ready to insert your photo, look for the paper clip icon (to the right of the smiley face). Click on it - a new window will open which gives you the option to browse your computer for your photo. Once you do that and Upload - close that window. If your photo does not attach, that means it's too big, so re-size and try again. Once you're set and have closed out of that window, you'll be back to the main page with your question. Click on the paper clip icon again and it might say Insert Attachments" or it may just show numbers - go ahead and either click on Insert Attachments or just click on the numbers and it will insert into your message. You won't actually see the photo until you either preview it (look to bottom of the body of your thread, below the icons and you'll see a button to either Submit New Thread or to Preview Post. Once you click on either of these, you will see your photos.

If you still need assistance, please let us know either by asking here on the forum or sending an email to Joanne (at)

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