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Originally Posted by Arikash View Post
I'm new to the scotch game, but I recently bought a bottle of the Ardbeg 10 as my first peated scotch, and initially right after I opened it, I had a huge blast of iodine.

The flavor was so intense that I put the bottle down for a week or two, and when I came back to it, most of the iodine was gone, and the entire experience was much less intense.
That is interesting because when I recently had Ardbeg 10 again we opened the bottle that night. I know bottles can "open up" over time and expectations of the drinker can influence taste. If you are not expected something has heavy tasting as Ardbeg I can imagine the initial taste could be a bit much.

Perhaps this is a good example of variance between bottles, especially between years or geographic regions. The previous bottles we tasted that night could also have an effect.
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