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Smile Is Bourbon Ever Really "Smooth"?

So, I've been learning more about whiskey, and bourbon in particular, for the last year or two. I have never had an expensive whiskey that costs more than, say, $60, but I've tried many of the staples, obviously jack daniels, jim beam, evan williams, benchmark 08, as well as some slightly higher end bourbons, maker's mark, gentleman jack, wild turkey 101, woodford reserve, knob creek, and some random ones like George Dickel 12. While I've had good experiences, and legitimately enjoyed many of these whiskeys, both casually sipping and with friends, I'm always a little bit bothered when I see both the manufacturers, and reviewers, talking about the smoothness or mellowness of the whiskey. Sometimes they describe whiskeys as being so smooth and tasty that it's comparable to eating apple pie or something. But, in every instance, despite my basic enjoyment, I can never quite get past the burn and sourness of even those bourbons proclaimed to be the smoothest in the price range. Am I not understanding what they mean by smooth? Am I drinking the bourbon incorrectly? Is it something that is acquired over time? Does one have to purchase a really expensive or old bottle for it to be truly smooth? Or are they, heh, full of it? :P Any help with pointing me in the right direction, so I can better enjoy my bourbons, is much appreciated!!
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