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Exclamation Rare Malt Mill Whisky In Old White Horse Whisky & Some of the Finest Lagavulin Whisky Auctions
28 Jun 2012 17:00 EDT New York
Back to auction 19987
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White Horse Cellar-8 years old
OC. Early 20th Century. Level: Very high shoulder. 4/5 quart. 86.8 Proof.
1 bottle.
Sold for US$ 1,071 inc. premium
Auction Notices
Description should read "1930's Post-Prohibition".
Category: Wine and Whisky / Whisky
Auction terms and conditions
From Scotland~Ralfy's Scotch Whisky Reviews #248~White Horse 12yo

Old Bottles of White Horse contain, "Malt Mill Scotch Whisky" ~"Quite simply one of the Most Charismatic & Elusive Single Malts of all time." "Even rarer than Brora." "Oh my goodness, so much rarer." In fact, so rare the very few bottles (Malt Mill Whisky) that still exists are tucked away in secret places. ."" be sold someday for vast profits. . ."

Old bottles of White Horse~"Quite iconic with the collectors and connoisseurs alike" ~ "Contains some of the finest produced Lagavulin, ever, and it shows . . ."

* & info~How did White Horse Whisky get it's name?10:15 min in review-

Old White Horse Scotch Whisky Commentary at 7:55 min in review-

Ralfy notes-
Note~Malt Mill in old White Horse Whisky bottles prior to late 1960s. Old White Horse Scotch Whisky, Lagavulin Whisky based with blends including Malt Mill Whisky.
Note~Some of the Finest Lagavulin in old White Horse Whisky bottles prior and into 1970s.
Note~Malt Mill Whisky Auction Bottles Mackie's Ancient Brand White Horse Distillers. Mackie's Scotch Whisky, Malt Mill Whisky based with blends including Lagavulin Whisky.
17 Nov 2010 11 a.m. Edinburgh
Bonhams Whisky Auction

MacKie's Ancient Scotch-Early 20th Century
Blended and bottled by White Horse Distillers Ltd., Malt Mill Distillery, Isle of Islay.
Screw cap embossed on top MacKie's Ancient Scotch on top, White Horse Distillers Ltd., Glasgow & London around neck. Labelling with some staining. Level: 4.5 cm from base of capsule. Blended, no spirit strength stated
1 bottle
Bonhams 2010 High Estimate For Bottle, perhaps with air, whisky level below shoulder: 3,500 - 4,000 US$ 5,500 - 6,300 €4,100 - 4,700

Martin Green
Specialist - Whisky ~ Bonhams

No info on pricing for 2012 of Mackie's Scotch Whisky White Horse Distillery, Malt Mill Scotch Whisky of full bottles.
Note seen some Mackie's Ancient Brand Scotch Whisky in great shape with little room for any air, full near top of neck.

$8,000.00 4,999.00
Out of Stock - Revised in Stock Info at
The Whisky Exchange~
Mackie's Ancient Scotch (Malt Mill) / Bot. 1940's
75cl / 40%
Distillery Bottling
A museum-worthy bottle from an Islay distillery that was dismantled in 1962. Few of us here had ever even seen a bottle of Malt Mill before this turned up. Apart from the one in Sukhinder's stash, of course.

Oct 2012 -
A museum-worthy bottle of Mackie's Ancient Scotch from Malt Mill, an Islay distillery that was dismantled in 1962. Debate continues over whether this is a single malt or a blend - although it doesn't say 'blended' anywhere on the label and it does say 'Malt Mill Distillery' and 'Distilled and bottled in Scotland', some people are of the opinion that it must be a blend. We think it's probably a single malt, but we can't be sure, so we've classified it as a blend.

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