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Old 02-13-2012, 08:53 AM
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Default Collection for sale; 6 Milj Euro

Bay van der Bunt from Breda in The Netherlands is in the possession of the largest collection of old spirits in the world. Although it hurts him a bit, he is still planning to renounce to the bottles. The collection of more than 5,000 bottles old cognac, Armagnac, port, Madeira and whisky is for sale for 6 million Euro.

The 63-year-old collector has built up the collection in 35 years. Bay got hundreds of bottles from his father which he got from his father again. He wants to sell the collection because he and his wife have no children or héritiers. Drinking the collection is no option, since Bay is not a big consumer of alcohol.

The centerpiece from the collection dates from the eighteenth century, the time of Napoleon and the French Revolution. After a battle was won, or lost, soldiers sipped from a bottle like this. The bottle is over 200 years old and the only bottle left over from that time and so very unique. There is also a nice price tag: 138,000 euros.

Bay hopes a collector himself who shares his passion takes over the complete collection. Some bottles are the last in the world, unique items for collectors. However, there is a nice pricetag to the bottles. If they don't end up in the hands of collectors, the bottles are probably going to exclusive restaurants, hotels or perhaps royalty.

Check the collection of bottles on his website
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